How to run a CrowdStrike Falcon On-Demand Scan

Crowdstrike is automatically configured on departmental computers managed by OU. CrowdStrike leverages endpoint detection and response applications and techniques to provide NGAV (next generation anti-virus) offering powered by machine learning to help stop breaches before they occur. While on-demand scanning is not the focus of the application, it does offer this functionality for Windows computers.

Running a Scan

  1. To scan your drive with CrowdStrike, open a Windows File Explorer folder. Now click on This PC.
  2. You may now right click on the drive you wish to scan and then select CrowdStrike Falcon malware scan.
  3. Now click Scan. Note this can may take several hours depending upon how many files are on your computer. CrowdStrike right click menu

Alternate Scan Method

  1. An alternate scan method, is to right click on your desktop and then select CrowdStrike Falcon malware scan.
  2. You may now select to Scan all drives, or Scan system drive. CrowdStrike Desktop scan menu

Please note that CrowdStrike will alert you if it finds any issues. If you are unsure if the scan finished, you can right click on your Desktop, select CrowdStrike Falcon malware scan and then "See results of last scan." CrowdStrike scan results screen

If CrowdStrike detects a malicious file on your computer, it will automatically report any detections to the IT Security team for review. The IT Security team will then evaluate what was found and if needed, reach out to your onsite support to determine the next course of action.


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