MyDesk (VDI) Work From Home Solution – Windows Client Install

Unsure on which Work From Home product to choose? Use this guide to help decide.

Please note, you will need to install PingID and then authenticate to get access to this program, please see this page for more.

VDI delivers a CLEAN desktop with secure, encrypted access to network services. VDI does NOT duplicate your on-campus desktop computer. Files stored locally on your on-campus computer are not accessible via VDI.

Accessing VDI via the Client:

  1. To begin, navigate to
  2. You should have two options, a standalone installer and an option for HTML access. Select the option for “Install VMWare Horizon Client”.
    MyDesk VMWare options with Install highlighted
  3. You will now be linked to the VMWare download website. Select the “Go to Downloads” link for your operating system.
  4. Next click the Download button for your download, you can either download locally and then click to launch the file, or select Run if prompted by your browser.


Windows Install

  1. When the .exe installer file launches, you will be prompted to agree to the privacy agreement and license terms. Select to Agree & Install.
    MyDesk Agree & Install prompt
  2. The installer will now install the software package.
  3. When the install completes, click Finish.
    MyDesk Install Success screen
  4. Select to Restart your computer to complete installation.
  5. After the reboot and your operating system loads, select to launch “VMWare Horizon Client” from your installed programs list.
  6. When the program opens, select the Add Server option.
  7. At the “Enter the name of the Connection Server” prompt, enter
  8. You will now be prompted to enter your OUNet username and password. Enter this in and then click Login.
    MyDesk VMWare login screen
  9. You should also now be promoted to accept the authentication in PingID.
  10. Select COOP Remote Pool from the list of available virtual desktops.
    MyDesk VMWare COOP Remote Pool option
  11. The desktop window will now load for your instance.

If you have problems connecting to Horizon VDI (, please contact your local service desk. Norman IT Service Desk | Tulsa IT Service Desk.


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