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Getting Started With OneNote for Microsoft 365

With OneNote Online, you can use your web browser to create, open, view, edit, format, and share the OneNote notebooks that you store on OneDrive. If your organization or college has an Microsoft 365 plan or SharePoint site, start using OneNote Online by creating or sharing notebooks in libraries on your site.

Share a notebook

Go to OneNote for Business or the site library that has the document or folder you want to share.

Select the file you want to share, and then select Share.

In the Share dialog box on the Invite People tab, type names or email addresses of people you want to share the document or folder with.

Select a permission setting.

If you want, type a message to be included with an email that’s sent to all invitees. The email includes a link to the shared document.

OR you can share with a link:

In the Share dialog box on the Get a Link tab you can choose to enable links for users to view and/or edit. Do this by clicking CREATE LINK under the permissions you want to allow.

After enabling this feature, a link will appear that you can copy and paste to share with others.

In the Share dialog box, click on the Shared With tab to view a summary of everyone the notebook is currently shared with and the level of permission each person has.


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