Managing Email with Rules

What Are Rules?

Microsoft 365 ( allows users to create instruction sets (called “rules”) that tell it how to handle email based on certain criteria. These rules are applied at the server level, so they will be in effect even in Outlook or mobile email clients.


What Can I Do With Rules?

The rules functionality within Microsoft 365, ( is extremely flexible. Users can filter email from certain groups or individuals to specific folders, automatically delete emails with certain words in the subject, or any number of useful organizational actions.


How Do I Use Rules?

There are two ways to create inbox rules in Microsoft 365. The first option allows rules to be setup quickly, with a few clicks, while the second option allows users to create advanced filters and manage current rules. To setup rules via Microsoft 365, login to your email account via and follow the directions below:

To create inbox rules in a few clicks, select the email you would like to filter and right click to open the options menu. From the menu, select “Create Rule…” A window should appear allowing you to create the inbox rule:





Users who would like more control over their rules (including the ability to delete them) can follow the navigation steps below. This will take you to the main rule management dashboard which provides extensive options for creating, modifying, or deleting email rules.:

  1.  At the top of the page, select Settings Settings icon >Mail (under Your App Settings).
  2. In Options, under MAIL > Automatic processing, select Inbox and Sweep rules.


The New Inbox window allows you to choose what you would like it to do with messages meeting those criteria (e.g. Move it to a folder, mark it with a category, redirect it, delete it, etc..). Once you have made your selections simply click “OK” to put them into effect.

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