Phish Alert Button


The Phish Alert Button is available through KnowBe4, the OU IT Cybersecurity Learning Management System. 

Your use of the button gives an early warning to the IT security team of possible phishing attacks and malicious emails. With your warning, the security team can take effective action to prevent security or network compromise. If you receive an email you are concerned about, please use the Report to OU IT button and our security team will investigate.

In addition to protecting university data, removing malicious email from all inboxes, and receiving automatic messages, utilizing the Phish Alert Button counts toward your KnowBe4 Learner Dashboard score and badges. 


The Icon

KnowBe4 phishing menu icon. A black and white envelope with a bright orange fish hook.



The Phish Alert Button has been automatically deployed to all OU IT approved email clients. Please review troubleshooting below if you are not able to find your Phish Alert Button or to reinstall if an update removed your Phish Alert Button.



Norman - Office 365

  • Windows Outlook
    • If you are using the new version of Outlook available through Office 365, you should automatically have a Report "Phish Alert" button at the top of your “Home Ribbon”.
  • Mac Outlook
    • If you do not see the Phish Alert button, add it by following the instructions below:
      • Select the ellipsis
      • Select “Customize Toolbar” Customize Toolbar drop menu
      • The “Current Icons” should be open at the top of the screen
      • To add the Phish Alert Button, locate the icon in the icons screen, and then drag it to the top toolbar. Add Icon Window
      • Select Done when finished.
      • The Phish Alert Button should now show at the top of your “Home Ribbon”

Outlook toolbar with Phish Alert icon


  • Office 365 Online
    • The Phish Alert Button should be automatically available in the top right corner of each email Office Online Email menu


  • Selecting the ellipsis to report

Outlook options menu



HSC - Outlook/Exchange

  • Windows- Exchange 2013/2016
    • The button should be automatically available in your “Home Ribbon” 
    • If your Phish Alert Button is no longer available, it may have been removed by an update. To reinstall, please submit a ticket for an admin to reinstall the file.
  • Mac- Exchange 2013/2016
    • As soon as Office 365 is launched the Phish Alert Button should be automatically available.
  • Outlook Mobile
    • The Phish Alert Button should be automatically available.
  • Other Email Clients/Apps
    • To bring the highest level of securing University data, we prefer a mail client that can support modern authentication. Currently, Office 365 and Outlook are the only possibilities to support the Phish Alert Button with the tap of a button.


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