Microsoft 365 – Manage and Remove Add-Ins

Since migrating to Microsoft 365, you may notice some of your email messages have a “Bing Maps” and “+Get More Apps” link in them.  You can remove these from messages by following the steps below:

Using Outlook (for Windows):

  • From the Inbox, click File > Manage Apps
  • This will bring up an Microsoft 365 login screen
  • A list of default add-ins is shown.  You can then choose Disable for the Bing Maps add-in.   Repeat for each add-in you wish to disable.

Using Microsoft 365 OWA:

  • Disabling the apps through the Portal ( will remove these links from appearing in the Outlook client. This option is recommended for Mac users.
  • In the Mail app, select the gear icon.
  • Choose Manage apps.
  • Click the ‘My add-ins’ link. Find the Bing Maps add-in you wish to disable and choose “off” using the toggle button.   Repeat for each add-in you wish to disable.


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