Non-OU Members Joining OU Zoom Meetings

Non-OU members can join the meetings hosted or scheduled via OU account. For security reasons, Zoom recommends securing Zoom meetings with at least one of the following options:

  1. Passcode: Meeting and webinar passcodes can be set manually (or Zoom will provide one by default). This allows the people who have the passcode to join the Zoom meeting or webinar.
  2. Waiting Room: This feature puts all the participants in a waiting room prior to letting them in to the actual meeting. The host can accept or reject participants on an individual basis.
  3. Require authentication to join: When scheduling a Zoom meeting, Zoom provides a security option called Require Authentication to join, which provides the following options:

Sign in to Zoom drop menu

  1. OU Accounts: When the host chooses this option, only OU-members can sign in to the meeting.
  2. Sign in to Zoom: When the host chooses this option, to join the meeting, each participant still needs to have a Zoom account, but it does not have to be OU Zoom account. You can create a free Zoom account by signing up here. Learn more about getting started with Zoom.


Not an OU Member? Having trouble joining a meeting?

OU Users (while scheduling a meeting) can choose one or multiple options (passcode, waiting room, require authentication). We recommend asking the host of the meeting about the security options they selected while scheduling the meeting. Alternatively, you can call OU IT on 405-325-HELP.

Once the host has the appropriate security settings selected and has shared the meeting credentials, non-OU members will be able to join. Learn more about joining Zoom meetings.


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