Submitting a Telecom request or Software license request for HSC users (formerly submitted via SUR)

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As part of their phone and software request needs, HSC users formerly used the SUR (Service Unit Request) process. These requests will now be performed through the ITSupport website. The ITSupport Service Catalog provides a listing of these available services and software licenses.

PLEASE NOTE: These requests require approval from the designated CFS ORG approvers as designated in the PeopleSoft voucher approval process. All valid approvers will receive an approval request via email that must be processed prior to the request being fulfilled. Directions for how these these requests can be approved can be found here. To request a change to an Org approver list, please email

  • To begin, click the Services tab in the grey ribbon at the top of the page. Select your campus and then navigate to the service category of your needs. Your phone, cabling and telecom requests can be made by clicking the Communication and Collaboration category. If you wish to purchase or download software, you may click the Software Catalog category.
  • Once in your category, you can then select the service of your needs.
  • Once one navigates to the service in question, they will find an overview of the service, important features, information as to whom the service is available, as well as any potential associated costs. 
  • If you wish to order this service, you may click the Request button to launch the request form. The form will ask all the relevant questions for your request, including any needed contact or location information, any needed billing information and automate any needed director or supervisor approvals. 
  • Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email notification with the request number for the ticket you created. You may click on the link in that email to view your ticket, or simply return to the ITSupport website and click the Services tab once again, and then the Ticket Requests tab to view a list of your tickets. For additional information on accessing your ticket, please see this article.


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