How to log In to Microsoft 365

  1. Navigate to and click “sign in” located at the top right corner of the page
  2. Enter your OU email address for the username.
    • Please note that the username for Microsoft 365 is your email alias ( or, not your OU username.
    • If you have set an alias on your OU mail account, please use that for your username rather than your default e-mail address. So for example, if your address was, use that as your username. If in the past however, you set the e-mail alias on your account, you would use that as your username instead. To see if you have set an e-mail alias, please log in to In the Account Settings > General option tab there will be an “Email Alias” field which will have the alias you may have set.
    • Also note that if you change your e-mail alias, it will take the login system two days to recognize the change. So until the system updates, you may have to continue to use your previous alias for your username.
  3. For the password, enter your OU password, the same password you use to log in to, etc..
  4. Click the ‘Sign in’ button

Please note that if you attempt to sign in with your OU username as the username, the site will display an error message that the username does not look like a valid user ID.


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