Set Up Office 365 in your Outlook 2011 for Mac

If you are setting up your device or if you have recently changed your password, you may configure your device using the settings below.

The steps below describe how to set up your email account using Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Remove your Old OU Account

If you had set up your OU e-mail in Outlook 2011 for Mac in the past, you will need to remove your account first before adding your Office 365 account.

  1. Open Outlook 2011.
  2. Click on Outlook in the menu bar.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Now click Accounts. Any accounts should now be listed.
  5. Click the account once to select it. If you have one account, it will be selected by default.
  6. Click the – sign in the lower left hand corner of the window.
  7. You will receive a prompt asking if you want to delete it.
  8. Click the Delete button to remove it.
  9. If you need to add your Office 365 account, proceed to the next section.

Adding your Office 365 Mail Account

  1. Open Outlook for Mac 2011. On the Tools menu, click Accounts. If this is the first account you’re creating in Outlook 2011, under Add an Account, click Exchange Account.
  2. On the Enter your Exchange account information page, type your OU email address.
  3. Under Authentication, make sure User Name and Password is selected.
  4. In the User name box, type your OU email address. In the Password box, type your OU password.
  5. Make sure Configure automatically is selected, and then click Add Account.
  6. After you click Add Account, Outlook will perform an online search to find your email server settings. In the dialog box that asks if you want to allow the server to configure your settings, select the Always use my response for this server check box, and then click Allow.
  7. If Outlook is able to set up your account, you’ll see the account you set up in the Accounts dialog box. Close the Accounts dialog box.
  8. Your account should now be added.

If you have trouble setting up your account automatically, uncheck the Configure automatically box, and enter the information manually.

  1. Enter your OU email address into the E-mail address and user name fields.
  2. Enter your OU password for the password.
  3. For server, enter:
  4. Click Add Account.
  5. Your account should now be added. If it does not work, contact 325-HELP (4357).

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