PC: Remote Decryption Process

PC Remote Decryption Process

*Make sure your power cable is connected and you have an internet connection.

  • Right-Click your Start Button that is on the lower left corner of your screen. Select Power Options.

  • Once inside the Power Options window, select Change plan settings on the current Power Plan that is selected.

  • Change the Turn off the display while Plugged In setting to Never. Save the changes made.

  • Click on the up arrow (right corner of your screen) to show your hidden icons. You will then see the Dell Data Protection application.

  • Right-Click the Dell Data Protection icon and select Check for Policy Updates.

  • Click on your Start Menu icon and search for Bitlocker. Select the top search result Manage Bitlocker.

  • Once the Manage Bitlocker control panel is up, select the Turn off Bitlocker option. A new window will open prompting you to confirm Turn off Bitlocker.

  • Now, you can click on the up arrow (lower right corner) to show your hidden system icons. Click on the Bitlocker icon to show the progress of your computer's decryption.

  • Depending on the size of your hard drive, it can take up to 4+ hours to decrypt. Make sure your computer is connected to a power outlet.


  • Once your computer is fully decrypted, go to the OU IT Service Desk located at the Student Union, room 105 and we'll remove the IT Security Suite software (preferred method). If you're not able to come to the Service Desk, please call us at 325-HELP (4357), and let the technician know you're needing to have the IT Security Suite removed from your computer. You will be transferred to a technician who can remote into your computer and remove the software. NOTE: Depending on your computer's specs and Internet connectivity, the removal of the software can take up to several hours using the remote method.


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