Xerox Printers

Process for Tier One's on Xerox Standardized Printers (for HSC/Tulsa campuses only)

  • Review our standardization printers from the link below:
  • Select a printer for your departmental needs.
  • Select request a printer button on the link provided above.
  • Complete the form.
  • Check FAQ's on link above if you have any questions regarding printers.
  • If you still have questions regarding printers contact - John Sarantakos email address:
  • You will receive an email shortly after requesting a printer.
  • When you receive your printer on campus (printer will be boxed) upon delivery.
  • Prior to delivery
    • Must have a location for Printer placement and need a printer port.
    • Contact the Service desk to request a line drop if applicable.
  • Xerox will contact you the same day printer is delivered or no later than the next business day to schedule a time to set up the printer which includes (unbox printer, install printer parts, connect cables only).
  • Submit a request from our forms page link below for a DHCP reservation for printer once IP address is obtain with a test page from the printer or printer menu.

Note: Xerox leaves a invoice on the printer with the printer EQ number (which is also location on the printer), location, and IP address however, the IP isn't correct on these invoices use the TEST page from the printer or view IP address on menu of printer. Provide IP address to our Operations Team when submitting your DHCP request as mentioned above.

  • Suggest scheduling a time with Xerox technician once the DHCP request has been completed. Usually, Xerox will contact you the next day to schedule a time for training for department staff.
  • If your Department request for email scanning capabilities please open a ticket with our Service Desk staff.
  • Your request will be routed to our IPS/Mission Support team for LDAP configurations or Laser-fiche assistance

Note: Notify your office/business managers for ordering supplies such as toners. The department can call 1-800-413-3526 or email your request to

NOTE: Please provide Xerox with the following information below when you call or email when requesting supplies.

Sample request below:

Subject: Order toner

Good morning or Good Afternoon,

We would like to order 4 toners to keep in our stock to prevent work stoppage.
The location of Xerox printer is HSC Campus at OUTC building, suite 500 for Xerox printer Equipment ID 297630.

Due to the pandemic we are sending our deliveries (temporarily) to be shipped to our co-workers at David Boren Student Union as we are currently working remotely but our staff is on site M-F 8:00am-5:00pm.

Complete Address: David Boren student Union Rm. 105 1106 N. Stonewall, OKC., OK 73117 Attn: Gayla Kugel

**Please feel free to provide feedback from your experiences with Xerox to IPS Team.**


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