Install GlobalProtect on Windows

To install the GlobalProtect VPN client on Windows first open a web browser and then go to the following URL:

Navigating to the install site.






Log into the website using your AD Credentials. The username is just your AD username, you do not need to put OUHSC\ in front of it.

Logging into the install site.














Click on the Download Windows 32/64 bit GlobalProtect agent link depending on the version of your OS.

Selecting an installation method.


















If your browser asks to save the file, please do so.

Saving the install file.



After the file downloads click on Open Folder.

Opening the install file.



Double click on the GlobalProtect installer that you downloaded.

Running the install file.










The Installer should start, click on Next.

Installing Global Protect.
















Choose the drive to install the application on and then click on Continue.

Installing Global Protect.
















Confirm the installation by clicking Next.

Installing Global Protect.
















If the installer asks for an admin user and password please supply them and click Yes.

Providing admin credentials.





















If the installation was successful you should see the following screen. Click Close.

Completing Global Protect Installation.
















The GlobalProtect connection interface should appear. If it doesn't click on the Globe in your system tray.

Signing in to Global Protect.



















Enter in the Portal Address text box and then click on Connect.

Signing in to Global Protect.


















Enter your AD Username and password on the Sign in page. You do not need to put OUHSC\ in front of your username. You will need to be registered in PingID and have a device that is capable of accepting push authentication notifications. Click Sign in.

Signing in to Global Protect.


















While the client is attempting to authenticate and is waiting on a response from the PingID authentication request, it may show a screen like this.

Signing in to Global Protect.















Once authentication is successful you will be connected.

Signing in to Global Protect.

















Installation and configuration of the GlobalProtect VPN client should now be complete.


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