Using Duo While Abroad

I will be outside of the United States. How can I use Duo to access O​ffice 365?

  • If you are bringing your smart phone or tablet abroad with you, download Duo Mobile and use it to authenticate via Push or Passcode over WiFi.
    • To switch to Push, navigate to and sign in. Next authenticate using your current Duo method. Finally in the "When I log in" drop menu, you may select to always send a push.
  • Use a YubiKey to authenticate. For more information, visit this article.
  • If you are not bringing your smart phone or tablet, receive 10 passcodes ahead of your trip. These passcodes may be both generated and used while the device is in airplane mode.
  • To get passcodes:
    • Visit
    • Select “Enter a Passcode”
    • Select “Text me new codes”
    • Keep these codes in a secure location

Duo authentication method

Duo authentication method with text selected



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