Setting up your Microsoft 365 OneDrive App for Windows

If you wish to setup your OU OneDrive for Business account in the Windows OneDrive app, please do the following:

  1. After you have installed the Microsoft 365 suite, please visit this page for instructions on setting up your OneDrive.
  2. This page includes setup instructions for users who already have OneDrive setup on their computer with a personal account, and instructions for those setting up OneDrive for the first time.
  3. Your login name will be your OU E-mail address, and your password will be your OUNet password.
  4. The library path to your OneDrive space will be the following, this should automatically populate by the OneDrive app:
  5. So if your e-mail address was, your sync URL would be:
  6. Once setup completes, your OU OneDrive should now be added to your Windows File Explorer window.

Alternately, OneDrive can be accessed directly through the Microsoft 365 at

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