Set Up Office 365 in Apple Mail client for Mac

If you are setting up your device or if you have recently changed your password, you may configure your device using the settings below.

The steps below describe how to set up your email account using Mac Mail on OS X 10.9 and above.

Remove your old OU Mail Account

If you have your OU Exchange mail account set up in Mac Mail, please do the following to remove your old account and then continue below to set up your new 365 account.

  1. To remove your old OU Exchange Mail account, open Mac Mail.
  2. From the Mail menu, select Preferences, then the Accounts tab. Your OU Exchange mail account should be listed on the left side of this window. Click to select your account, then click the (-) sign button on the bottom, left hand side of the window.
  3. Click to verify you want it removed. If you receive a prompt that the account is shared by other applications on your Mac, click the Internet Accounts button.
  4. Once the Internet Accounts window opens, make sure your Exchange mail account is selected, then click the (-) sign in the lower left hand of the window.
  5. Verify you wish to delete the account by clicking OK.
  6. Your old mail account should now be removed.


Adding your Office 365 Mail Account

  1. Open Mac Mail. If you have not opened Mail before, you will see a Wizard to walk you through this process. If you receive the Wizard, skip to step 3.
  2. If you already use Mail, you will need to add your new account. From the Mail menu, select Preferences, then the Accounts tab. Near the bottom, left hand side of the window, click the (+) sign button.
  3. On the “choose a mail account to add” page, select Exchange and then click Continue.
  4. Enter your account information, including your OU e-mail address and OUNet password. Now click Continue.
  5. You will need to authenticate with PingID to continue. If you have not set up PingID, please see this article.
  6. The program will now search the server for your settings. If this process works, it should display “” for your server address.
  7. Now click Continue. You may receive a prompt to selects the apps to use with your account. After making your selection, click Done.
  8. Your mail will download a local copy of your messages to your Mail client. Depending upon the size of your mailbox, this process may take some length of time before it fully completes.

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