Using eCopy ShareScan with your Microsoft 365 Mail Account

As part of the OU Microsoft 365 migration, the eCopy stations attached to scanners/printers has been updated to include new Microsoft 365 options. If your account has been migrated to Microsoft 365 mail, you will need to use these selections in order to mail out your scanned in materials, as the old options will no longer recognize your account.
From the main eCopy home screen, an Microsoft 365 mail account holder will need to select one of two options:

  • Scan to Email (O365)
  • Scan to Self (O365)

Selecting Scan to Email (O365) will allow you to scan your material, then select the e-mail address you wish to mail the attachment.

Selecting Scan to Self (O365) will allow you to mail the scanner material directly to your OU account.

To send a scan:

  1. Scan your material.
  2. Name your file.
  3. Log in using your Microsoft 365 account information, which is your OU e-mail address for the username and your OU password.
  4. Enter any To: addresses if that option was selected.


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