Deleting Email from a Particular Address

The Sweep command in Microsoft 365 Outlook web app allows you to delete all e-mail from a particular address within a particular folder. This is particularly helpful if you get repeated email from a particular source, such as a spam attack.

If you wish to report the email before deleting it, follow the steps outlined at Bogus Emails.

Select one of the messages from the source. When you do this, the “Sweep” command appears on your email command bar.

If you click on “Sweep,” this gives you a choice of how you want to delete messages from the sender.

Note that these messages will be sent to the Deleted Items folder, so you will still have a chance to retrieve wanted messages back to your Inbox. To remove them from the Deleted Items folder, right click on that folder and choose “Empty Folder.”

Sweep is not available for the Junk Email and Deleted Items folders. Instead, move the items you want to keep to another folder, then choose “Empty folder” for the Junk Email folder and Deleted Items folder.

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