Connecting to WIFI@OU with Windows

  1. To begin, from the taskbar on the desktop, select the WIFI icon and choose the network named WIFI@OU. Screenshot of Windows Network Search menu with wifi@ou highlighted 
  2. When prompted, select that you wish to continue connecting. Network Continue connecting prompt 
  3. Enter your OU username (OUNet ID/OUHSC Username) and password. Network username and password prompt


Additional Notes:

There is a known issue connecting to WIFI@OU on Windows 7/8/8.1. For instructions on how to connect with those versions of Windows, click HERE.

If you have attempted to connect to any other OU networks such as OUGuest, you will need to first "forget" that network before attempting to connect to WIFI@OU.  For instructions on forgetting a wireless network, refer to the "Forgetting a Wireless Network" article.

For more information about WIFI@OU, please visit the "Connecting to WIFI@OU" article.

For more information about all of OU's WIFI Networks, please visit the "OU WIFI Networks" article. 


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