Adding Apple TV Gen 4-5 to WIFI@OU

In order to be added to WIFI@OU, the Apple TV must be Gen 4 or Gen 5. If your Apple TV is Gen 1-3, then please refer to this article.

From Apple Configurator 2, go to File > New Profile.



Add a name to the Profile. Nothing else needs to be filled in.


Select the WIFI icon on the left to configure the network settings.


Enter the following information:
Security Type = WPA / WPA2 Enterprise.
Enterprise Settings = Protocols
User Name = OUNet ID or OU email


Select Certificates on the left and then Configure to add the required certificate for WIFI@OU.


Select the radius certificate from where it was stored. It should be a “.crt” extension file.



Return to the WIFI section. Go to Enterprise Settings > Trust. Under Trusted Certificates, check mark the box by Certificate:



Save the Profile! Press the Command + S buttons together or go to File > Save.

Choose Add > Profile > the Profile you created.





Follow the prompts to install the profile.

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