Adding Apple TV Gen 4-5 to WIFI@OU

In order to be added to WIFI@OU, the Apple TV must be Gen 4 or Gen 5. If your Apple TV is Gen 1-3, then please refer to this article.

From Apple Configurator 2, go to File > New Profile.

Apple File menu

Add a name to the Profile. Nothing else needs to be filled in.
Apple Profile General Menu

Select the WIFI icon on the left to configure the network settings.
Wifi menu

Enter the following information:
Security Type = WPA / WPA2 Enterprise.
Enterprise Settings = Protocols
User Name = OUNet ID or OU email

Wifi menu

Select Certificates on the left and then Configure to add the required certificate for WIFI@OU. An updated certificate has been uploaded to this article (access-ou-edu.crt).
Certificates menu

Select the radius certificate from where it was stored. It should be a “.crt” extension file.
File folder


Certificates menu

Return to the WIFI section. Go to Enterprise Settings > Trust. Under Trusted Certificates, check mark the box by Certificate:
Wifi menu


Save the Profile! Press the Command + S buttons together or go to File > Save.

Choose Add > Profile > the Profile you created.

Profile menu

Apple menu

Follow the prompts to install the profile.

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