Phone Programming Charge Estimates

University of Oklahoma phone changes may involve both programming service charge fees as well as recurring monthly fees. The below guide lists estimates for some of these fees. Please note that the actual fees charged to your account may vary from the list below, due to the unique nature and programming varieties of many of the phone and network setups covered by OU IT Telecom. Also note these fees are per service change. For example, if one requests both a caller ID change as well as an off campus call forward activation, both programming charges are $10 each, resulting in a $20 total programming fee.

Service Type  Service Charge   Monthly Charge
Activate Off Campus Call Forwarding $10 $3
Activate Caller ID (Analog Line) $10 $5
Change Caller ID $10
Add Existing Secondary Line $10
Adjust Ring on Secondary Line $10
Add Voice Mailbox (Avaya Aura) $10 $4
Voice Mailbox Password Reset Free
Voice Mailbox Removal with New Mailbox Add $10 $4
Long Distance Dialing Ability (NCOS) Change $10
Add Phone to Intercom Group $10
Temporarily Suspend Phone Service $10 $5
Replacement Phone Number for Existing Phone $10


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