Avaya Aura – Voicemail Quick Reference Guide (Faculty and Staff)

Reaching your mailbox

From your office phone (with voice mail):

  • Call the voice mail system, 5-1111
  • If prompted for a mailbox number, enter your 5 digit phone number
  • Enter your password plus #

From other OU telephones:

  • On campus (from a phone without voice mail), dial 5-1111
  • Indicate you are a subscriber by pressing    #
  • On campus (from a phone with voice mail), dial 5-1111
  • Indicate you are a subscriber by pressing   *   then   #
  • Enter your mailbox number—your 5 digit OU telephone number
  • Enter your password plus #

From off campus:

  • Off-campus, dial 325-1111
  • Indicate you are a subscriber by pressing    #
  • Enter your mailbox number—your 5 digit OU telephone number
  • Enter your password plus #

Listening to Voice Messages

Review—press                                    1
Review unheard messages—press    1-1

Skip to next message—press              #
Skip to saved messages—press           #-#
Skip to the end of a message              33

Action Options:
At end of message:
Reply—press                                     8
Reply by calling—press                    8-8
Forward copy—press                        6
Forward copy/ Remove
other introductions—press              6-6
Replay—press                                   4
Save—press                                      9
Erase—press                                     7

Playback controls
Use while listening to messages.  Some are also available while recording.
Rewind           Pause/restart               Fast Forward
Position                            1                             2                                  3

Slower                  Envelope                       Faster
Speed                               4                             5                                  6

Volume                                                    Normal                         Louder
7                                                                        8                                  9

Cancel                     Help                            Skip
*                                 0                                  #

Sending and Replying to your Voice Messages

To create a new message:

  • From the main menu—press               2
  • Record message
  • Finish recording—press                      #
  • Enter recipient’s mailbox number       5 + extension #
  • Send—press                                        #


  • To erase and re-record—press *

To reply to a message you receive:

  • At end of message—press                  8
  • Record reply
  • Finish recording—press                      #
  • Send—press                                        #

To telephone the sender of a message you receive:

  • At end of message—press                  8-8
  • System dials sender’s phone number

To forward a message you receive to someone else:

  • At end of message—press                              6
  • Or to remove other introductions—press       6-6
  • Record your introduction
  • Finish Recording—press                                 #
  • Enter recipient’s mailbox number                   5 + extension #
  • Send—press                                                    #

To specify delivery options:
Private—press   1                                Urgent—press   2

Message Confirmation—press  3        Future delivery—press  4

To create a Group Distribution List:
At the Main Menu, press—                4-2-2-1

  • Assign a two-digit number to the list you want to create (from 11 to 25).  This number is used when sending a group message.
  • Record the name for the list
  • Enter the mailbox number (5-digit telephone number) of each person you want on the list.
  • Press—1  to review all names on the list.
  • Press—* to exit and save.

Changing your password

To secure your mailbox, change your password frequently:
From the Main Menu, press—                        4-2-1-1

Recording or changing greetings

Personal greeting:
From Main Menu, press—      4-3-1-2
Extended absence greeting:
From Main Menu, press—      4-3-2

Changing prompt levels

To change detail level of system prompts:
From Main Menu, press—      4-2-1-3
Choose Prompt level
Standard                     1
Extended                    2
Rapid                          3

General tips

Press the wrong key?
Cancel or back up—press       *
Not sure which key to press?
Get help—press                      0
            Get back to the main menu?
Repeat * until you hear prompts for reviewing and sending messages.
To bypass system greeting:
Press   #

Reaching fax messages

(Contact Telecom to activate this feature.)
To print a fax sent to your mailbox:

  • From Main Menu, press—1-3
  • Print, press—2
  • Choose destination

Primary, press—1
Alternate, press—2
To hear your current destination, press—3

To set or change your primary fax destination:
From Main Menu, press—4-2-3-1


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