Error When Attempting to Configure Notify Me through Aura Voicemail Phone Access

If you have Avaya Aura voicemail service for your OU telephone, you may utilize the Notify Me feature, which will alert you when a voicemail has been left for you on your OU phone. This alert can be configured to be as an e-mail and/or a message alert on an alternate contact phone or pager.

The phone alert option must first be configured through first. Attempting to enable the feature by calling 325-1111 will result in the following error report from the phone system: “Sorry Notify Me can not be enabled until you have set it up on your user desktop preferences page”. To enable the phone alert, one will login into and click on the General tab. The user should check the box for “Mobile Phone or Pager” and then enter their contact alert phone number. Please note this should be an alternate contact phone and not your OU office phone number.

Once that has been saved, click on the Notify Me tab. At the top of the page, check the box for “Notify me when a new voice message arrives”. You should then select which format you want this notification to be, the options include as a phone call or as a text message. One will also need to set their mobile phone provider. After the options have been configured, click the Save button. Your preferences should now be saved, you may also now Enable or Disabled Notify Me via the Aura voicemail prompts by logging in to your mailbox at 325-1111.


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